Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Q: How to turn on / off the machine

A: Long press the POWER button until the NanoArcade logo appears.

Batteries must be installed first.


A. How to install battery ?

Unscrew the backcover, insert 3 AA batteries, and screw the cover back.

Q: How to quit a game and get back to main menu

A: Press the POWER button once


Q: How to play a game

A: In main menu, move the cursor to the game you want to play with the joystick,

    and press the START button which is below the screen to the left.


Q: How to install new games

A: Follow these steps:

- Turn on the device

- Connect the device to your computer with a micro-usb cable 

- A new drive named NanoArcade should appear on your computer, and the device's screen should be displaying instruction dialog now

- Copy the game files to the NanoArcade drive at the root level, if there are associated key files and icon files, copy them to the same location too.

- Remove the NanoArcade drive properly from your computer.

   On Mac use 'Eject', on Windows use 'Remove USB devices'.

- On the device, press SETTINGS button from main menu (the eclipsis button below the screen to the right)

- Move cursor to INSTALL and select it,

  a list of files will appear

- Move cursor to the game you wish to install and select it, wait a couple of seconds

- A JAVA screen will show up and the game will be installed

   After the installation, the game will start automatically


Q: How to uninstal a game

A: Settings > Uninstall > Select game


Q: How to make keys function properly in a game

A: use the key tools:

The key file's file name must be identical with the JAR file (not including the file extension), i.e. abc.jar goes with abc.key


B, How to install games?

       It's EASY. Just connect your nanoarcade to your computer and move the game files !  


Q:  Where to find J2ME games on the internet?

A:  Google "free Java games" , "free J2ME games" , "free mobile games" and you will find plenty games to download.

        Or you can go to to download our games.